Damageplan, Drowning Pool en Soil @ Melkweg, Amsterdam

Door Cosmo Vloedbeld en Gastschrijver 8 december 2009 1

coz_09062004142411It’s the 1st of June and today’s gig is Damageplan, a band formed by ex-members of Pantera, supported by Drowning Pool and SOiL. These two were probably able to fill the avenue also by themselves, so I already thought it would sell out easy, and by the looks of it, it did! Not only the young metalheads came, but also some older fellas (probably the diehard Pantera fans) were present.

coz_09062004135803After they opened doors it didn’t really take long for the first band to jump up on the stage. Althoug SoiL just released their record (and even Damageplan has a brand new debut album), they didn’t played much songs of that one. ‘Halo’ and ‘Unreal’ were probably their best known songs, and the crowd was singing the words along with SOiL frontman Ryan. To my surprise, the new single ‘Redefine’ wasn’t played that evening. It seems that the singer had to deal with some illness.

coz_09062004135854After SOiL played for about thirty minutes, the time for Drowning Pool had arrived. Unfortunately, it took a long time before they finally made their way to the stage. The sound checking took around forty five minutes and they were checking equipment I had really never seen before (believe me when I say that I have seen a lot these days). But finally they made it to the stage. They started with a sample of some old wise cowboy singing a country song about the devil (yeah, it really beats me too). But when they kicked off with ‘Sinner’, the whole crowd exploded!

They played in this same avenue in 2002, then with the Dave Williams as their lead singer. Drowning Pool’s new singers name is Jason ‘Gong’ Jones. He just did his own thing, and though songs like ‘Sinner’ sounded like the old Drowning Pool, he didn’t become a mere Dave Williams soundalike. Drowning Pool really knows how to entertain a crowd. Besides old songs like ‘Pity’, ‘Tear away’ and ofcourse ‘Bodies’ they played new songs like ‘Killing me’, ‘Cast aside’ and their latest single ‘Step up’. Too bad that ‘Forget’ was scratched from the set list but Drowning Pool is back a 100 percent and I am glad they are…
coz_09062004135932 So after thirty minutes of Drowning Pool a lot of people went to the bar or the wardrobe to get their coats and leave the venue. But I still wanted to see some Damageplan. Luckely they started a little quicker than Drowning Pool and needed only thirty minutes of sound checking. I”m not that familiar with Pantera and I heard some Damageplan songs a few times so I didn’t really look forward to see that show. We went to get some drinks and took place at the balcony this time. Just to chill out. The crowd that was left (still enough to fill the avenue) exploded again when they started playing. My two friends went back to the moshpit but after four songs we unfortunately had to go, if we wanted to spend the night at home.

My day couldn’t get any better, tonight I had an amazing time. Let’s hope they’ll be back soon!

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  1. Von Brian 18 januari 2010 om 05:13 -

    PanterA is the shit. Damageplan is a really has really crazy riffs. Soil is good Halo is great. Godsmack should have joined also. Pantera got other work like hellyeah the drummer is really great.